After seeing how Reiki has supported the health and wellbeing of her own pets for many years, Pauline has recently specialized in Animal Reiki and Kathleen Prasad’s Let Animals Lead® Method. Much like us, our animals experience stress and anxiety, trauma, physical pain, chronic illness, grief and passing over and like us Reiki can be very supportive for our pets during these times. Some of the ways that Reiki can help our beloved animals is by:

  • bringing peace and calm to an pet
  • helping reduce physical pain and illness by supporting veterinary care
  • supporting a pet so it feels safer and reduce separation anxiety or for adoptive pets mistreatment
  • improving their overall physical comfort as old age ailments take hold.


During a session your pet will experience reiki through energy sharing. This may be hands on or by being in a reiki space. The energy sharing will allow them to relax and allow their own innate healing capabilities to be activated. However as each pet is different so too is the way that they respond. Some will lie down and soak it all up, others will yawn or need to wander. Some will have a deep sleep afterwards whilst others will be energised and ready to play. Until you have completed a session you will never know. 

When offering animal reiki it is important to recognise the needs of each animal so once you have booked your pet in for a treatment Pauline will contact you to determine the best way to provide the session. This may be in person or via zoom depending upon the circumstances.

Ruby, our beautiful dog of 14 years, was on her last legs when we contacted Pauline. After her first treatment Ruby got a new zest for life and was almost puppy like. It was such a gift. Ruby continued to have sessions with Pauline until Ruby crossed the rainbow. It was great to be able to support and nurture her through end of life with reiki. Thank you Pauline for this gift.
Animal Reiki

45 - 60 minutes = $120