Tarot and oracle readings can be fun, interesting, revealing, empowering and enlightening.

Far from being a fortune telling story that is fated, tarot and oracle readings provide insight and guidance as to the way forward. By understanding our journey through life and how our past choices and actions have led to our current circumstances, we can then see what the future is likely to hold if we choose to follow the patterns of the past.

This knowledge empowers us. We can use it to identify if we want to continue on the path we have created or if we wish to move towards something new and different. Either way it can provide a greater sense of awareness of the next steps to achieve your goals and objectives. Whether you are curious about your relationships, career, a major life change or just looking to understand life at the moment a reading may provide some helpful and supportive insights.

As a reader it is important for Pauline to empower her clients with the messages of the cards. To achieve this, she approaches each reading with curiosity and integrity determining with the client the best cards to use – Tarot, Magical Dimensions, Angel, Liquid Crystal to name a few – and uses a variety of different reading layouts depending upon what the client would like to explore.

So if you are intrigued about where you are heading or would like some guidance on your next steps book a reading with Pauline today.

60 minutes = $120
90 minutes = $170