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Healing Fusion

At One Body One Soul we believe that our physical and emotional health is interwoven. With this in mind, we have created Healing Fusion, our signature treatment, which offers a unique and powerful healing experience individually designed for each client. The treatment combines two or more healing techniques which are chosen after gaining a clear understanding of the client’s goals for the session. These techniques may include energy healing, remedial massage, meditation, oracle reading and sound healing.

Often a Healing Fusion session will combine Remedial Massage and Reiki to help resolve physical pain and release the underlying emotional blockage. Alternatively, the session may start with a short oracle reading to determine where there are blocks in a person’s life which is then followed by an energy healing session and some sound healing to clear the path forward. The combinations are vast and varied and always determined in consultation with the client.

This treatment has proven particularly beneficial for clients who have demanding lives and are experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety. The stress may be due to work and/or family pressure, changes in work or relationships, loss of a loved one (including a family pet) or after a traumatic event.

60 minutes = $120
90 minutes = $170