Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a curious treatment and is a wonderful treatment to give. It is nurturing, gentle and may even feel as though nothing is happening. The truth is though that much is happening, it

  • stimulates the immune system
  • removes blocks so our lymphatic fluid flows
  • releases toxins from our muscles and bodies
  • soothes our nervous system and
  • promotes healing overall.

In fact MLD is the one of very few treatments recommended in the first 24 hours of a muscular
injury eg: sprained ankle, pulled hamstring.

It is also ideal for supporting those who have :

  • swelling and oedema including carpal tunnel syndrome
  •  constant colds, blocked sinuses and hay fever
  • skin conditions including psoriasis
  • glandular fever, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia
  • diabetes

    As well as those who would like assistance whilst:

  • recovering from medical treatments including oncology or cosmetic surgery
  • detoxing

For such a gentle nurturing treatment, by achieving its primary function of stimulating and building the immune system it can be quite powerful. If you are curious as to how lymphatic drainage can support you, get in touch.

60 minutes = $120
90 minutes = $170