When our life energy flows freely and gracefully we are fully connected to life. In this space we feel secure, balanced and motivated; we are inspired, active and abundant; we sleep, feel good within ourselves and all is in harmony.

In contrast when we experience grief, shock, major life changes and/or trauma we can become disconnected from life causing our energy to become stagnant or even blocked.

This may leave us:

  • constantly tired and drained, unable to sleep out of step with ourselves and others with body aches and pains that just won’t go away
  •  feeling overwhelmed by life
  • with an increased sense of stress and anxiety
  • confused and lacking clarity
  • questioning ourselves and our ability to manifest vulnerable and insecure

This is when releasing blockages and restoring our energy flow is helpful. Reiki is a powerful yet gentle and nurturing treatment that can help to restore and rejuvenate your energy. By encouraging a new flow of energy, reiki supports you to re-connect to your true essence and to embrace a more positive way of being and in doing so can enhance your sense of peace, harmony and security.

Pauline, an Intuitive Healer with over 15 years experience, is a Usui / Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master, Sekhem Seichem Master and Pellowah practitioner who is passionate about assisting clients to connect with their true essence. The integrity, compassion and warmth that she brings to each session allows clients to feel safe, heard and supported so that they may embrace the healing to its fullest.

60 minutes = $120
90 minutes = $170