It is all about the feet

I have something to admit to you all, and it may sound a little bit shocking. I have the greatest respect for feet. They are a body part that is so often neglected, deemed ugly and unworthy of attention. It breaks my heart. Your feet are your foundation, your means to connect with the ground you walk on and they allow you to go wherever your heart desires. But more than that, if treated well they can have a huge effect on your health and wellbeing.

According to reflexology, an ancient therapy, the feet, hands and ears reflect a map of the body and by stimulating reflex points within these body parts the body’s own healing mechanisms are stimulated to bring the body back into balance.

Even a good foot massage can restore a sense of balance, although does not offer the targeted approach of reflexology.   As you see there are over 7000 nerve endings in each foot. By working the entire surface of the foot, nerves are stimulated, and blood circulation is increased. This can result in an overall improvement of energy flow, reduced stress and tension within the whole body, an improved immune system, a relaxed yet energised feeling and a greater sense of harmony.

A foot massage or reflexology can be incredibly powerful don’t underestimate it or the power of your feet.  

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