If you won Tattslotto…..

If you won Tattslotto…..

Suddenly you have a financial windfall and it is a big one. You now have complete financial freedom and can choose to work, choose to move homes, choose to travel and anything else your heart desires. So what would you do?

This question I ask myself every now and again to see if I am living the life I would want if I could do anything. Yes there would be more travel, a new car and better restaurants. My work would be unchanged, I would stay where I am living and in most ways life would continue as per normal. However I ask myself this question so I can see where life is supporting me, where I am happy and what is good for my overall wellbeing. These are the areas that would remain the same. Eg: I love what I do so even if won a life changing amount of money I would wish to continue to work in healing.

However the question can also highlight where life changes are required. This is where you don’t feel your wellbeing and happiness is supported by your current circumstances. Using the career example above, if you are unhappy or unfulfilled by your career and you won a life changing amount of money you may choose to stop working, to quit your job or look for something new.

If in answering this question you recognise there is a part of your life that is not as you’d like, you may like to consider further questions such as:

What would I like this area of my life to look like?

How can I make the changes I need so it does support me?

What actions to I need to take to make this change?

There doesn’t seem to be an alternative, can I change the way that I look at this situation?
How can I change my thinking so that I can create a new perception around this?
Is there someone who can guide me through this process so I can find happiness and
wellbeing in this area of my life?

So besides the fun adventurous and exciting activities you include in your life what is it you would really change if you won Tattslotto? The next time you ask yourself this, dream of fun and excitement, then think about it some more and see where and how you would make life changes. Afterall, you have the power to feel like you just won Tattslotto by simply making the changes now.
Good luck.

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